Проверьте свой уровень Английского, знакомясь с нами)

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Поставьте галочку в квадратик уровня, если Вы смогли прочитать и понять текст.

Hello, everyone! How are you? I’m Ksenia, I’m 32.

I’m a professional English teacher with a Kuban State University diploma, three international certificates and 12 years of teaching experience. I really love the English language! I think it’s very beautiful and smart!...

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There’s so much logic in it! To be honest, I believe, English is much easier than Russian, German, Spanish or French. Actually, we’re really lucky that Russian is our native language…

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By the way, last week my husband and I were told that our four-and-a half-year-old daughter has already started teaching English to her nursery school friends.)…

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The thing is, she has been learning English for more than two years now, and she absolutely enjoys its magic. So, I guess one day she may even follow in my footsteps).

If she does, her career heights will be far easier achievable.

When I was a child and even a university student, English learning was a true challenge; for those, used to working harder than possible: we would have strict tutors, tons of home tasks, heaps of books and dictionaries, but didn’t use to have a hint of any of the apps and devices available and easily downloadable now…

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Still if I had been given a second try then, I wouldn’t have changed my walk of life, anyway. I wish I hadn’t studied that much at night, though.

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Anyway, my students’ smiles and glimpses of their English-speaking self-confidence, the growing fluency and accuracy of their speech have always been and are definitely going to keep being genuinely rewarding. Needless to say, all that does make up for busy evenings and occasionally sleepless nights of lesson planning!

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